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Your Portal for Transformation Series

There will be a video delving into the meaning of each Unassailable Truth, along with some Personal Optimization Practices (POPS) that will help you internalize and activate their transformational effect in your life.

When we think of “diet”, we normally think of food. However, your diet consists of everything you consume. The Eternity Diet approach begins with the thoughts and beliefs we consume and allow into our being on a daily basis. What good is it to be in great physical condition, yet have thoughts and beliefs that sabotage health and lead to premature aging?

If you’re non-disposable, in this experience of life for a longer run than the customary “4 score and 10” years, what would you like to feed yourself and create? The Eternity Diet is your new and revolutionary, totally integrated approach to health–truly meant to be The New Diet for a Non-Disposable Body.

Science Behind the Eternity Diet


I am at every moment, past, present and future inseparably connected to the creative consciousness and force that is bringing all things into being.


I am a beautiful, perfect, unique creation never to be repeated, always growing, evolving and unfolding from glory to glory.


I live, breathe and move in the context of the beauty of all created beings, each unique, perfect and glorious in their own way.


I am modeled after, and have within myself  the creative consciousness and force that is bringing all things into being.

Be Curious

I will explore the wonder of the creation in which I exist. I will discover something new every day.


I will imagine something I can bring into being. I will envision it in my consciousness down to the smallest, most intricate detail.


I will bring my vision into being to join the beauty and glory of all created beings.


I will enjoy, give thanks and appreciate in whatever way is most meaningful for me.
I will join with all of creation in this celebration! I will celebrate myself! I will celebrate others!

What’s Next?

Moving further along the path to your new diet for a non disposable body…